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How to Write Essay: Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State


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How to Write Essay: Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State : Are you searching for how to write the Kaduna State Public Service Recruitment Essay topic? Are you finding it a bit difficult to attempt the Kaduna State Recruitment Essay topic? Is the essay topic confusing to attempt? Here in this post, I will show you the best way on how to write the Essay.

Following the recent publication of the Kaduna State public service recruitment form 2019/2020 online, is glad to inform you that the Kaduna State Government is recruiting massively for graduates/entry-level and experienced candidates to fill numerous positions in the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Kaduna State Public Service

Before we proceed, kindly see how to apply the Kaduna State Government Recruitment Application Form 2019 online via

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So it is in this vein that, we at deemed it fit to review the correct guideline on How to Write Essay: “Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State“.

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How to Write Essay: Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State.

Essays are common notes, you may even need to write essays in the job interviews. An essay is defined as “a short piece of writing that expresses information as well as the writer’s opinion.”

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7 Steps to Writing an Essay

For some, writing an essay is as simple as sitting down at their computer and beginning to type, but a lot more planning goes into writing an essay successfully. If you have never written an essay before, or if you struggle with writing and want to improve your skills, it is a good idea to go through several steps in the essay writing process.

For example, to write an essay, you should generally:

  • Decide what kind of essay to write
  • Brainstorm your topic
  • Do research
  • Develop a thesis
  • Outline your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Edit your writing to check spelling and grammar

While this sounds like a lot of steps to write a simple essay, if you follow them you will be able to write more successful, clear and cohesive essays.

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How to Write a Job Application Essay

A job application essay, which is also called a supporting statement, is part of most job applications. The job application essay is where you are able to showcase your experience and skills that meet the requirements of the job position you are applying for. You may be given a topic to write about, or given a person specification sheet that you can use to craft an essay that will highlight your skills and assets.

Use a Given Topic or Your Own Topic to Write Your Essay

(Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State.)

Brainstorm a topic or read over the topic you have been given.

The company may give you the freedom to choose a topic; however, you should consider narrowing down your options in reference to the position you are applying for. If you are being considered for a position in customer services, you may choose to write on how to handle a disgruntled customer.

  • Read the topic (Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State) you have been given, if the company selects a topic for you. Some companies may give you a topic. In this scenario, you are required to read and understand the topic as thoroughly as possible. Your essay (Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State.) should be highly professional and in complete alignment to you career and background.
  • You should be mindful to not include your personal life elements such as your age, medical condition (if any) etc, since by doing so, you are leading the employer to make unintentional judgments even before meeting you in person.

Consider what your potential employers are looking for while you brainstorm.

Once you have read the topic or selected a topic to write about, consider what the company is hoping to learn about you through your application essay (Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State.). At this stage in the application process, employers are generally looking for people who match the criteria in their person specification and people who can follow instructions.

  • Job application essays are like a secret code; you may be the perfect person for the role but if you don’t write your supporting statement correctly, you will never be shortlisted for an interview. The key is to make it as easy as possible for the employer to see you have the relevant skills for the job.

Keep the company’s goal in mind while you brainstorm.

It isn’t recommended that you use the exact verbatim of the company’s mission statement but your job application essay, regardless of the topic you are given or that you choose for yourself, should have a few ingredients that blend well with the personality of the company.[2]

  • For example, if the company you are applying to is all about making the world a greener, more eco-friendly place, you should discuss experiences you have had while working to protect the environment, as well as the skills you refined during those experiences.

Make an outline.

It is extremely important that you structure your essay well by making an outline prior to starting the actual writing. It should have a proper introduction, body and a conclusion.

  • Ideally the starting and ending portion should not be more than a paragraph or two. The body of the job application essay should follow the requirements and length that the company requires, if they give you instructions. If the instructions mention to include a specific number of examples pertaining to the any particular scenario, you should follow the specific directions.

Be specific and give relevant examples.

Your essay should include the specific details and all relevant examples that support your work experience and accentuates your positive attributes. There should be clear and concise statements instead of vague phrases. By ensuring clarity, you will put your potential employer in a position to assess the magnitude of your performance. They will also be able to predict your future performance to a certain extent.

  • Example of a vague statement: I am a very good employee and I love to work.
  • Example of a clear and concise statement: I showed the love for my work by serving as the project lead of my previous company’s problem solving initiative. I developed a cross functional team that worked to devise a leadership development program that had the element of problem solving as a key performance indicator which earlier wasn’t a part of performance criteria.

Write your essay.

Begin by writing a draft based on the outline you have created. Try to touch upon every skill or requirement that the company has deemed important for a person hoping to get this position should have.

  • Remember to give plenty of examples that reflect just how perfect you are for the position you are applying for.

Proofread your essay.

Once you have written your first draft, give it to someone to read over as if they were your potential employer. Ask them whether or not they think your essay reflects the skills and experiences that the company is looking for.

  • Make the revisions that your proofreader recommends.
  • Reading the essay out loud may also help you to identify any awkward sentences or grammatical errors you made while writing. Correct any mistakes you find.

UPDATE ON How to Write Kaduna State Recruitment Essay Topic

(Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State)

If you want me to write a well-written and updated format of the job application essay for Kaduna State Government recruitment, kindly send me an email : [email protected]

I will send it to you in Microsoft Word format so that you can review and get back to me for final review and edit. This is only possible if you have paid the Service Cost of N2,000 only. I will get this service done within an hour after payment.




How to Apply Kaduna State Recruitment Application Form 2019 after Writing your essay.

Interested and qualified candidates should visit to apply onlin.

click here to apply – WWW.KDSG.GOV.NG.

Available Jobs at Kaduna State Public Service.

Persons interested in a career with the Kaduna State Public Service are invited to submit applications for various positions in the following agencies, among others:

Wrapping up on “Why I Want To Work With Kaduna State” Essay Topic

A lot goes into writing a successful essay. Fortunately, these tips for writing essays can help you along the way and get you on the path to a well-written essay.

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If you need more updates on How to Write the Kaduna State Recruitment Essay, kindly drop an interest notice in the comment section below and we will update with more information.

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