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Npower Permanency News : Read Npower News on Permanency 2019 Update


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Npower Permanency News : Read Npower News on Permanency 2019 Update : This post is triggered to address the numerous questions gets on daily basis concerning the latest npower permanency news 2019. If you’ve been searching for npower news on permanency, this post is for you. Kindly read through.

Are you looking Npower permanency news? Do you want to know the latest information about Npower permanency today? The latest news on Npower permanency 2019 is here.

Npower Permanency News

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Beneficiaries of one of the Federal Government‘s social investment programmes, N-Power, are expressing their thoughts on craved permanency as details of the N-Power Enhanced remains vague.

According to reports got, headcount exercise for 2016 beneficiaries was conducted recently and some volunteers believe it is a step towards Npower permanency.

Reactions on Twitter, beneficiaries relayed their desire to be in the programme on a permanent basis.

In this vein to get Npower permanency, the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) spoke out in demand that the federal government should scrap its job creation initiative, Npower, and focus its attention on employing more qualified teachers in various schools across the country.

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The NUT noted that, the federal government employed people without necessary qualification, said the appointment of desperate job seekers unfit for the teaching role has put the profession into the jawbone of ridicule.

He said: “There is an urgent need to recruit more teachers into our schools on a permanent basis as against the N-Power teaching program, which does not render the desired benefits and should be discontinued.

“We want something that is permanent for our profession. This N-Power is just a temporary measure and so we need the federal and state governments to recruit more teachers to man our secondary and primary schools.”

He added: “We need governments to recruit qualified teachers to man our schools rather than this N-Power programme. If you look at the N-Power programme, people that do not have the necessary qualification for teaching have been sent to schools to teach. What are they going to teach?

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“We have qualified teachers that are waiting to be employed. That is why we said government should stop that one (N-Power) let them recruit qualified teachers to manage our schools.”

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Npower News on Permanency 2019 Update on Twitter

Check out comments below:


Sir,All terms how?cos since we finish since February this year,there’s no official statement from Npower Team. — Joseph Timothy

As our program looks enhanced & renewed, we hope to celebrate next-year’s worker’s day as permanent civil servants of our dear country. #PMB ×2 — Aminu Muhammad Tsagero

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It’s good with you too. Please when will you avail us the information concerning our enhancement package. You promise us this, so please stand on what you said. — Babagana Bulama

Great job Npower team. Looking forward to what you are cooking for the 2016 beneficiaries. Till then,God bless you more. — Muritala Ismaila Kajola

What plan does N-power has for 2016 N-power Build volunteers? Someone informed should please provide answer to this. Thank you God Bless Nigeria — Adesola Jacob.

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Wrapping up on Npower Permanency News 2019

Now that you have read Read Npower News on Permanency 2019 Update, what are your view? Let’s make use of the comment box below to share our thoughts. Do you want the federal government to make Npower programme a permanent employment for beneficiaries? Would you want Npower permanency to be?

Let’s hear from you and kindly share.

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  1. ezekiel tnzani says

    In some villages and different places are only N power teachers are do they best there.
    No N power teachers that not undergoing teaching method except those with degree.
    We please for permanency sir

  2. chukwudi cyril says

    please Mr president permanent us.this is the greatest thing you can do for us.2017 batch b

  3. Temitope says

    Pls Mr president, we want permanent job

  4. Esther E says

    I am sure our president is a man of his word npower permanency shall come to pass.

  5. H/julde says

    I am very seriously hopping and wishing permanency for npower volunteers.

  6. Dennis Adankala says

    Yes, it would be great achievements for this APC administration if the permanent npower beneficiaries, because is going to reduce drastically the high rate of crime and terrorism in the country. Thanks and God bless