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Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. | NPower Portal Login & Registration: The NPower portal was created by the Nigerian Federal Government to achieve inclusion and productivity of the youth in the country. The country’s high unemployment levels called for actions to harness the country’s young population through the development of skills on a large scale.

The portal acts as a gateway for youth in the country to access the N-Power program.

Through the NPower portal, the government can link its economic and social agenda to the youth through skill development. Once the youth become appropriately equipped with relevant skills, they can use them to fix a largely inadequate public service sector. The program is divided into various modules, namely: N-Power Volunteer, N-Power Knowledge, and N-Power Build. Each participant chooses the module they find most appropriate to find or create employment.

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General benefits of the N Power program

  • The N-Power program will help deploy more than half a million graduates who will help in creating solutions for public service sectors such as health and education.
  • Trained youths can join the broader agenda of actualizing the country’s development ambitions. These include food security and economic self-sufficiency.
  • The Npower Nigeria program will help facilitate the achievement of economic diversification. The modules encourage a knowledge-based economy where young people are equipped with global skills, knowledge, and certification. This will promote innovation in the domestic as well as global markets.
  • The NPower portal modules will allow non-graduates to achieve relevant skills (business and technical) to improve their standards of living. The training involved in NPower recruitment will also enhance the work and employment outlook of non-graduate youths.

Who is eligible for the NPower registration?

The current platform is designed for people aged between 18 and thirty-five years. The modules each have specific minimum requirements, but to qualify:

  • You need to show a genuine expression of interest in one of the various module areas. These include agriculture, health, teaching, tax, software, hardware, and construction, among others.
  • You will be required to pass all the relevant tests involved for admission into a module.
  • Demonstrate willingness for self-motivation and an innate ability to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Desire to develop the required skills and push yourself to the limit.

For purposes of using the NPower registration portal, any post-tertiary qualification will be termed as a graduate certification. These include Ordinary National Diplomas (OND) and Nigerian Certificate in Education qualifications. You should also look out for other criteria that may be specified by the program.

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How to get your login credentials

To get your NPower login details, you will need to choose the program that suits you best, make the application and wait for selection. Once the registration process commences, applicants can visit the login page to gain access to the portal.

Npower portal modules

The youth program is subdivided into three modules, which are then divided further into various economic areas. The modules are N-Power Volunteer, Knowledge, and Build.

Volunteer Corps

This first module under the program is aimed at graduate citizens aged between eighteen and thirty-five years. The volunteer corps initiative provides a paid volunteer opportunity for two years. Those admitted into the program undertake public service tasks in their communities. Graduates enrolled in this module will have computers for information, training, and development. The volunteers will provide solutions spread over four areas, namely: N-Power Agro, N-Power Health, N-Power Teach, and N-Power Tax.

N-Power Agro

The Agro volunteers will receive training from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. They will then disseminate this knowledge through the provision of advisory services to farmers across Nigeria. Additionally, they will collect data on the country’s agricultural assets. To apply, you will require a Bachelor’s degree, Ordinary or Higher National Diploma (HND). This will be in Nutrition, Food Science, Animal Science, Crop Science, Agricultural Economics, and any other Agriculture-related qualifications.

The volunteers will be trained before they are deployed to their respective areas. The program will run for a period of two years. The open possibilities for the volunteers include careers in agricultural extension, farm management, agro-entrepreneurship, and public service, among others.

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N-Power Health

The primary goal of N-Power Health volunteers will be the promotion and improvement of preventive healthcare practices to the vulnerable members of society. These include children and pregnant women. The selection criteria will give preference to holders of Bachelor’s degrees, HND and OND holders. Key areas include medicine, nursing, midwifery, and microbiology, amongst others.

Applicants from the following institutions are encouraged to apply Universities, polytechnic institutions, schools of health technology, midwifery schools, and nursing schools. The volunteers will be trained before they are deployed to their respective areas. The program will run for a period of two years. Once the volunteers complete the two-year program, they can pursue careers in various fields. These include health education, health research, community health and health office administrators, among others.

N-Power Teach

The volunteers under this npvn npower gov ng program will help facilitate the delivery of basic education throughout the country. After training, the volunteers will be deployed to schools as teaching assistants. Some of their functions will include school management, teaching, and other educational functions within their areas of work. In possible situations, they will also help in the delivery of education to members of marginalized communities.

The selection process will consider any graduate (post-tertiary) for enrollment into the program. The volunteers will be trained before they are deployed to their respective areas. The program will run for two years. Possible areas of employment after the volunteer period include strategy consultancy, professional teaching, educational management, and project supervision, among others.

N-Power Tax

The federal government aims at reducing the number of non-compliant citizens when it comes to matters tax. In line with this, volunteers under the tax program will be trained to act as Community Tax Liaison officers. Applicants will be deployed to their states of residence and will work alongside the tax authorities in those areas. Their primary duties will include customer service, handling online customer enquiries, and creating tax awareness. Here are the requirements for application to this module.

The selection criteria will give preference to holders of Bachelor’s degrees and HNDs in Psychology, Finance, Economics, Law, and other qualifications related to social sciences. Applicants should possess the following skills, knowledge, and experience:

  • Knowledge of tax administration and laws in the country
  • Good diagnostic and analytical skills
  • Excellent phone conversation etiquette
  • Good command of verbal and written English
  • Practical knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite

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Once the N-Power program is over, volunteers will be looking at possible careers as; Tax assessment officers, compliance managers, financial analysts, accountants, and tax auditors.

N-Power Knowledge

This module showcases the Federal Government’s efforts towards transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. The N-Power Knowledge program has been designed to work alongside eight innovation hubs across the country. This harmonious operation will accelerate technology development and the creation of creative sectors in the economy. The program will ensure that participants can work as freelance service providers, entrepreneurs, and skilled employees.

The program is subdivided into the creative, software, and hardware modules.

Creative program

The Federal Government’s creative program aims to develop and train thousands of young creative talents. The broader vision is to make Nigeria an exporter of global services. The program will include a three-month training period, which will consist of class work and group projects across the country. The main areas covered under the plan will consist of graphic design, script development, animation, and production.

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All participants will receive devices to aid in information, learning, and skill development. The requirements for qualification include:

  • The applicant must be an unemployed graduate or non-graduate
  • Must be aged between eighteen and thirty-five years
  • Applicants with necessary illustration skills will have an added advantage for graphic arts positions
  • Applicants with creative writing skills will have an added benefit for script writing positions
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Applicants should be attentive to detail, analytical and possess self-drive towards tutorship

Participants will have wide-ranging career options once they have completed the program. These include jobs in animation, graphic design, illustration, media publishing, film editing, and sound editing, amongst others.

N-Power for Developers

The main aim of this program is to empower ten thousand software development professionals. The government is looking at the local and global software markets with this initiative. Participants in the software module will undergo intensive training regarding modern software development. The training will equip participants with sufficient knowledge, tools, skills, and platforms to pursue successful careers in software development.

The program will include eleven weeks of training as well as a continuity support platform. At the end of the training, participants will attend career fairs to facilitate linkages with opportunities within their areas of residence. Similar to various other N-Power programs, participants will receive computers for practice, exploration, and training.

Once the program is complete, the participants will be looking at different career paths. These include app development, software testing, web development, system analysis, and game development, amongst others.

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N-Power Build

This is the government’s skills-to-job program that will involve more than seventy thousand participants. The aim is to build a pool of competent and highly-skilled artisans, technicians, and professional service providers. The main areas of focus are building and construction, automotive services, utilities, and gas.

The NPower portal is a well-thought gateway towards economic prosperity. The Nigerian government can solve the unemployment problem ravaging the country while enhancing economic growth. The various modules under the program will be suitable for a wide range of young people in the country. The relatively lenient application requirements will also make the application accessible to many of the country’s youths.

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